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Cloris Leachman rules!

Have any of you been watching Cloris Leachman kicking ass on Dancing With the Stars? I don’t watch the show but I’ve been keeping up with Cloris, star of Mary Tyler Moore, Young Frankenstein, The Last Picture Show and so many others great films, plays and television show, on various blogs. I think she is an amazing, bawdy, fun woman. You need to watch some clips of Cloris on YouTube, especially her devastatingly funny bit at Bob Saget‘s recent roast to get an idea of her sense of humor.

Here is a clip from the beginning of Cloris’s reign on Dancing With the Stars, when she was relying on her comedic chops:

And here is Cloris this past Monday doing some beautiful dancing:

Isn’t she awesome?

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5 thoughts on “Cloris Leachman rules!

  1. Oh, and she was great in History of the World Part I. “We are so poor, we do not even have a language! Just this stupid accent!” “King Louiiiiiiiiiiiiie!”

  2. Deb D. on said:

    Maybe it’s because I’m cranky, but doesn’t it seem like they’re talking to her like she’s senile? “We got an eight – isn’t that exciting, Cloris?”

    I’ll bet she wants to smack him. I know *I* do.

    And that female judge. “You’re blocking my camera.”

  3. ginavivinetto on said:

    Yeah, they are pretty much treating her like she’s dimwitted because she’s old. The “You’re blocking my camera” comment – that is not only vain, it’s totally rude to Cloris, who is an icon. What an insult!

  4. I’ve loved Cloris since the MTM days, but watching this begs the question, “Why would she do this horrible show?”
    Those judges are terrible human beings!

  5. Skoonix on said:

    She is a great actress – she is also fantastic in the little-seen sitcom she did about the Puritans on CBS THANKS – which Sarah Vowell is a huge fan of and she features it as an undiscovered gem on This American Life and her brand new book on the Pilgrims WORDY SHIPMATES. Cloris is a hoot as the crabby Puritan Grandmother.

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