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Rachel Maddow on ‘The Tonight Show’ last night

Delightful, whip-smart MSNBC host Rachel Maddow was one of Jay Leno‘s guests last night on The Tonight Show. I love the fact that Rachel is so comfortable in her skin, she wears her everyday dykey clothes and nerd frames to be a guest on a talk show. Rachel rocks!

Interesting fact: Rachel was the first openly gay American to ever win a Rhodes scholarship.

Let me hear from the Rachel Maddow fans. What is it you like about her?

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10 thoughts on “Rachel Maddow on ‘The Tonight Show’ last night

  1. What do I like about Rachel Maddow?
    She’s smart as hell…what’s not to like?

  2. Joan Eisenstodt on said:

    I concur w/ Bailey. And her wit is sharp, her questions insightful.

  3. She’s smart and funny. She also seems genuinely kindhearted. I like that she laughs – even while talking to someone like Pat Buchanan. She just makes me want to cheer her on.

  4. Rachel rocks! I wish he would had asked more personal questions and less politics so we can see another side of rachel. still like it tough, she is fierce to wear those clothes and leave the pressure out of wear formal, the frames didnt let show her face, if she had showed her face would have gotten more fans. 🙂 thanks 4 the post

  5. She is so bright that she can speak off the cuff and be comfortable. Her candor and her insight are terrific!

  6. robotkrishna on said:

    I agree with everybody.
    I just hope that she doesn’t become one more celebrity institution (aka nightime sleep aid) , you know, like jay leno, etc. And that she has the self-discipline and creativity to end her show as soon as she feels that ratings + ego, not ideas + humor, are influencing what she says. Good luck, RM.

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  8. I like Rachel for being Rachel.
    I don`t believe a person could be around Rachel and not be inclined to think.

  9. missy on said:

    Rachel is just swell. I have adopted her haircut, & already dressed like her. She is incisive, snappy, so well researched & funny as all get out. Infrastructure!! Xoxoxo

  10. cmac on said:

    I hate to tell you this,but rachel maddow is
    nothing more than a hard core feminist skank!
    to all of you brain dead morons who worship
    her-GET A FUCKING LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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