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No one wants to buy Julian Schnabel’s house

The Palazzo Chupi penthouse, part of the gigantic pink mansion built by artist/filmmaker/musician Julian Schnabel in Greenwich Village, has been hit hard by the crumbling real estate market.

Its price has dropped from $32-million to $24-million since last May.

It’s sad and possibly indicative of Manhattan’s changing denizens, from art lovers to culture-less rich brats. Either Schnabel should have sold the place back in the 1990s when owning a big weird pink house designed by a famous artist or a Cannes-adored film director would have had some cachet – or he should have built the place in South Beach where artists and fuschia never go out of style. Knock on wood.

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3 thoughts on “No one wants to buy Julian Schnabel’s house

  1. If Nicole Richie were selling it one of these bland-ass fur-wearing turds would buy it.

  2. ginavivinetto on said:

    Why didn’t you tell me I left the “t” off of cachet? God, I need an editor.

  3. Kevin Croitz on said:

    The Band should buy it, where is Robbie Robertson when you need him, Kevin

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