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I can’t wait! VP debate tonight!

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3 thoughts on “I can’t wait! VP debate tonight!

  1. tampastica on said:

    Talk about an uneven fight. Holy crap. Hopefully, Ms. Palin won’t be as cringe-inducing in her cluelessness as she was during the Katie Couric interview. On one hand, it does make for good comedy, even if painful.

  2. Holy Crap… I’m on pins and needles…Biden has got to not be demeaning or smart assy so Palin can hang herself. My girlfriend and I decided Tina Fey is a much better Palin than Palin.

  3. Kevin Croitz on said:

    I beleive Biden won hands down, it would have been nice to have had Gonzalaz, in the debate as well, how about an independent voice, Kevin

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