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Joan Mitchell’s “Champs”

Here’s a nice piece called “Champs” by powerhouse lady painter Joan Mitchell (1925-1992). Despite being considered a bright light in the New York School of painting and earning critical acclaim right along with the big boys of mid-century abstract expressionism (Jackson Pollock, William de Kooning) Mitchell famously split New York for Paris in 1955 and painted at a nearly frenetic pace. Her works sell for between $3-$5-million.

Of course that’s far less than what some of her male contemporaries rake in. Ever seen the prices on a de Kooning or a Pollock? Iwan Wirth of the British auction house Hauser & Wirth says it best in the July 2008 Art & Auction magazine, “Like the work of most female artists, her art has been, and still is, highly undervalued.

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One thought on “Joan Mitchell’s “Champs”

  1. Kevin Croitz on said:

    I love the depth and the frentic brushstroke, looks like a cross between Pollack and Vangogh, finding a new visual artist, is just as fun as finding a new band, then exploring their art, Kevin

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