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Who won the debate?

No, seriously, I need you to tell me. I missed the whole thing because I was reviewing the Black Kids concert in D.C. (See my review in VenusZine.)

Who won last night?

Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?


Sarah Silverman’s message to Florida

Comedian Sarah Silverman has an important message for voters in Florida. And relatives of voters in Florida. Especially Jews. NOT SAFE FOR WORK. Lots of swear words.

Today’s tunes

I had been listening to French composer Erik Satie‘s subtle piano music all day, from about 9 o’ clock in the morning until 6pm.

I stepped out the door to take care of my neighbor’s cats for a half an hour and when I walked back into my apartment, the hits of 1950s rocker Buddy Holly were playing. I love iTunes.

Though their compositions were separated by nearly three quarters of a century (and a 4/4 beat) Satie and Holly, both so preoccupied with love and the loss of it, sound great one after the other. They should tour together.

The last days of David Foster Wallace

David Foster Wallace was one of the greatest writers I’ve ever read (not to mention a gigantic influence on my fiction). He’s easily among the best, if not the best, writers of the modern era. Everyone I know who likes books was stunned when DFW hanged himself two weeks ago.

Seems every literary writer, blogger and artsy person has paid tribute to DFW since his suicide, many speculating on the depression he had hinted at in the past.

Salon has a great piece today called “The Last Days of David Foster Wallace” featuring actual real information from the people in DFW’s life, including his parents and friends. Turns out, DFW had been clinically depressed for two decades.

If you’re a DFW fan, or just a person who finds other people’s debilitating depressions interesting, it’s worth a read.

Also: if you’re struggling with being left behind by a loved one’s suicide, I recommend Touched By Suicide: Hope and Healing After Loss by Micheal F. Myers, M.D and Carla Fine. It helped me grapple with the loss of this asshole.

Something to think about:

By 2006, at least 46 of our 100 senators were millionaires.

‘Best American Comics 2008’

The great Lynda Barry (Cruddy, What It Is) edited this year’s anthology of Best American Comics.

The book features a handful of talented lady writers and illustrators (in additional to a bunch of men). I blog about it here.

Americans: defend your ‘Office’ (because I won’t)

British TV critic Steven Wells, a blogger for The Guardian, recently lambasted the American version of The Office in a blog post. I have to say, I do think the American version pales sadly next to the original British version.

In fact, my lady friend is a huge fan and tunes in every Thursday despite my griping next to her on the couch that Steve Carrell doesn’t have an ounce of talent.

Here’s what Wells says:

“It’s rubbish. The American Office is a dysfunctional and unfunny pastiche of the original. When the British version first aired, I met several Americans who thought it was a documentary. ‘Is England really that awful?’ asked one. Where the original is nail-bitingly excruciating, the US Office – dumbed down to the point of being insulting – is comfort food for liberals . . .

“When the original Office was shown on US TV, BBC America plugged it with a street interview with an enthusiastic US fan who said: ‘If you don’t see some of yourself in David Brent, then you are David Brent.’

“The same simply can’t be said of Steve Carell’s two-dimensional and entirely unsympathetic Michael Scott. He’s an Aunt Sally. A straightforward sad bastard to be straightforwardly laughed at. In short, where the BritOffice had you hiding behind the sofa AmeriOffice has you falling asleep on it. And yet it is huge.”

Which do you like, the British Office or the sucky American one? (I’m exaggerating; there are things about the American version I enjoy, for example, Jim and Pam. I just don’t like Steve Carrell. Because he sucks.)

Or do you like both? Because that’s a possibility, too.

Omnipresent Stephen Colbert sneaks into ‘Spider-Man’

I don’t know how or why but The Colbert Report’s Stephen Colbert has made his way into the “Amazing Spider-Man” #573.” Here’s the scoop.

And, here’s a pic (click again and again to make it fantastically huge):

Would you buy the Spidey comic just for Colbert?

Stewart and Colbert spoof ‘New Yorker’ cover

Funny fellows Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert used this week’s issue of Entertainment Weekly to parody that freaky New Yorker cover a few months, which was itself a parody – except not funny. Check it out:

True story: I once went to a taping of Stewart’s old chat show – The Jon Stewart Show – and his guest that day was Sylvester Stallone. The important part though was that Jon singled me out before the show when he was working the crowd with jokes to get them pumped for the taping.

I had crutches with me and when Jon asked me how I got them, I told him how I had recently rear-ended a car. He interrupted my story to make some juvenile innuendo around the word “rear-ended” and I got flustered – I had been taking a lot of pain meds – so I yelled at him.

Yes, I screamed, “Listen, Jon!” and he acted stunned. Then he did a funny pseudo scared bit and crouched next to his desk hiding from me.

It was my special moment with Jon Stewart (and my friends Helen and Rommie, who were there, and can vouch for me that his happened and it wasn’t the Perocet).

McCain also cancels ‘Letterman’ appearance

Because John McCain possesses a quality every good president should have – the total inability to multi-task – he has been canceling all kinds of engagements this week to fly back to Washington and help the Bush administration focus on the economy. Pause.

Huh? Yes, McCain wants to postpone his campaign to roll his sleeves up and dive right into this economic disaster.

McCain tried to weasel his way out of Friday’s debate with Barack Obama. He also blew off his appearance tonight on The Late Show with David Letterman .

Dave was not pleased. But, it sure is fun to watch him vent:

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