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Time for a list! 29 songs about actors and actresses

We haven’t done in a list in a while and life seems empty.

How about “29 Songs About Famous Actors and Actresses”? I’ll start:

Elton John, Candle In the Wind (Marilyn Monroe)
10cc, Somewhere In Hollywood (Marilyn Monroe)
Elton John, Roy Rogers
Gorillaz, Clint Eastwood
Nirvana, Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge On Seattle
Madness, Michael Caine
Serge Gainsbourg, Intitals B.B. (Brigitte Bardot)
Russell Crowe‘s band 30 Odd Foot of Grunts, Other Ways of Speaking (Jodie Foster)
James, Fred Astaire
Bertie Higgins, Key Largo (Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall, Ingrid Bergman)
Roxy Music, 2H.B. (Humphrey Bogart)
Lou Reed, City Lights, (Charlie Chaplin)
Lenny Kravitz, It Ain’t Over Til It’s Over, etc (Lisa Bonet)
Bree Sharp, David Duchovny
Woody Guthrie, Ingrid Bergman
The Eagles, James Dean
Sonic Youth, Madonna, Sean and Me (Madonna and Sean Penn)
R.E.M., Man on the Moon (Andy Kauffman)
Toto, Rosanna (Rosanna Arquette)
Bauhaus, Bela Lugosi’s Dead
Bananarama, Robert DeNiro’s Waiting
The Clash, The Right Profile (Montgomery Clift)
Nine Inch Nails, Starfuckers, Inc (Rose McGowan)
Matthew Sweet, Winona (Winona Ryder)
R.E.M., River (River Phoenix)
Natalie Merchant, River (River Phoenix)
Peter Murphy, Marlene Dietrich’s Favorite Poem
Kim Carnes, Bette Davis Eyes
Alanis Morissette, You Oughtta Know (Dave Coulier)

Now it’s your turn. Add more! Why stay at 29?

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13 thoughts on “Time for a list! 29 songs about actors and actresses

  1. John Mark on said:

    Peter Gabriel – In Your Eyes (Rosanna Arquette)

  2. VIP Vince on said:

    My Turn! CARLY SIMON, “You’re so Vain” …Warren Beatty.

  3. Piebald – Grace Kelly With Wings

  4. Marie Provost by Nick Lowe

  5. Innovae on said:

    Frank Sinatra by Miss Kitten or Cake

  6. Innovae on said:

    Crispin Glover by Starling

  7. Innovae on said:

    Oop, Crispin Glover by Scarling

    Oh and Bill Murray by Gorillaz

  8. Mayla S on said:

    Sheryl Crow – Steve McQueen
    ZZ Top – Vincent Price Blues

  9. Chamillionaire (Feat. Z-RO) – Denzel Washington

  10. Tony Browning on said:

    Billy Squier – Nobody Knows (John Lennon)
    Elton John – Empty Garden (Hey Hey Johnny) (John Lennon)
    Beatles – Dear Prudence (Song about Mia Farrow’s sister Prudence Farrow)

  11. Tony Browning on said:

    The Wolfmen – Marilyn Monroe (Wam Bam JFK)

  12. Hollywood – Michael Buble
    Hollywood Nights – Bob Seager
    B Movie – Elvis Costello
    Hollywood – Red Hot Chili Peppers (orig. The Meters)
    E=MC2 – Big Audio Dynamite
    Stage Fright – The Band
    Hollywood – Madonna
    This Ain’t A Surfin’ Movie – Minus The Bear
    Act Naturally – The Beatles (orig. Buck Owen)
    Like Dylan in the Movies – Belle & Sebastian

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