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My interview with Peter Tork (from eight years ago)

I was talking about The Monkees recently and of course my favorite has always been the adorable and nutty Peter Tork. I had interviewed him eight years ago so I went searching the internets to see if I could dig up a copy of the piece I wrote. Sometimes I can find old interviews, but too often I can’t. (Where is my great profile of prickly L.L. Cool J? What an awful interview that was!)

Anyway, I found the Peter Tork piece.

He was a lot of fun to talk to (and to later meet backstage.)

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3 thoughts on “My interview with Peter Tork (from eight years ago)

  1. Oh, he was my favorite, too. I love this: “Tork Yeah, because he was cute then. He’s not cute anymore.”

    Mickey was my second favorite.

  2. I remember reading this interview when it came out! I loved it and thought it was very revealing and fun. I have an interview on my blog that I did with Peter in mid-2001. I’ve always liked the Monkees. I believe I always will.

    Thanks for the cool piece. Very enjoyable.

  3. elaine brill on said:

    The girls of Ponce inlet, Fla.,during the1970’s will never forget your influence and inspiration to us and our all girl band. We think you were awesome then and continue to think your influence plays a significant part in American history. In simple terms….you rock. Hope your life is blessed. Elaine and the girls of Ponce.

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