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Kim Gordon interview in ‘SF Guardian’

The San Francisco Guardian‘s ‘Noise’ blog has an interview with Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth.

Kim talks about her new art projects, what she likes on TV, and the different energy you get when working with other women, which she will be doing in her improv band with avant garde composer/harpist Zeena Parkins:

SFBG: What draws you to working with women?

KG: I think of the women I play with foremost by their personality. You immediately have a different role as well. Bass is usually more of a…supportive instrument, even though it may be the most important! [Laughs] But I’ll probably be playing guitar. I usually play guitar and do vocals when I do improv things. That immediately has a different kind of energy to it.

Kim lives with hubby Thurston Moore and their daughter Coco in Northampton, Ma., right near where I grew up. I’m going for a quick visit next month and the town is really small. Cross your fingers for me that I can casually bump into her and become best friends and start our own free noise band. I’ve been a fan of Kim’s for two decades.

True story: when I was a teenager I wrote a song about Kim and the band called “Sonic Thing or Two.”

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