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Americans: defend your ‘Office’ (because I won’t)

British TV critic Steven Wells, a blogger for The Guardian, recently lambasted the American version of The Office in a blog post. I have to say, I do think the American version pales sadly next to the original British version.

In fact, my lady friend is a huge fan and tunes in every Thursday despite my griping next to her on the couch that Steve Carrell doesn’t have an ounce of talent.

Here’s what Wells says:

“It’s rubbish. The American Office is a dysfunctional and unfunny pastiche of the original. When the British version first aired, I met several Americans who thought it was a documentary. ‘Is England really that awful?’ asked one. Where the original is nail-bitingly excruciating, the US Office – dumbed down to the point of being insulting – is comfort food for liberals . . .

“When the original Office was shown on US TV, BBC America plugged it with a street interview with an enthusiastic US fan who said: ‘If you don’t see some of yourself in David Brent, then you are David Brent.’

“The same simply can’t be said of Steve Carell’s two-dimensional and entirely unsympathetic Michael Scott. He’s an Aunt Sally. A straightforward sad bastard to be straightforwardly laughed at. In short, where the BritOffice had you hiding behind the sofa AmeriOffice has you falling asleep on it. And yet it is huge.”

Which do you like, the British Office or the sucky American one? (I’m exaggerating; there are things about the American version I enjoy, for example, Jim and Pam. I just don’t like Steve Carrell. Because he sucks.)

Or do you like both? Because that’s a possibility, too.

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5 thoughts on “Americans: defend your ‘Office’ (because I won’t)

  1. both, but i prefer the american version. though i’m not a huge fan of steve carrell, he really does play michael scott well.

  2. I prefer Steve Carrell.

  3. ginavivinetto on said:

    He is so not funny. Well, he is the first time you see the show. But then he does the exact same thing week after week. I get it, Michael is oblivious.

  4. I can’t look at the other guy. He grosses me out. I don’t really care for either of them, but if I had to pick, it would be steve carrell.

  5. I can’t watch the American version because I’ve seen the Brit version.

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