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How Sarah Palin matches up to past VPs

Rosemary E. Bachelor has done some research and written these interesting pieces about how VP contender Sarah Palin compares to past U.S. Vice Presidents.

Hint: not well. Turns out, six colleges and one degree don’t cut it in Washington.

“But, what about the time she spent as a sports caster, Gina?”

Still, no.

The New Republic has a piece comparing Palin unfavorably to national dufus Dan Quayle entitled – ready for it?- “Sarah Quaylin.”

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3 thoughts on “How Sarah Palin matches up to past VPs

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  2. america is really in trouble.

  3. My favorite quote from the New Republic piece:

    Yet this defense raises the question of why Ted Kennedy never thought to run for president on the slogan “He Never Took a Drink In His Life,” and then, when challenged, point out that other members of his family are less sober than he.

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