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I’m shocked.

No, not really. Clay Aiken has officially come out in the new People magazine. Remember all those times he acted annoyed and disgusted when reporters asked him if he was gay? Hypocrite.

But, you know, yay for coming out, I guess.

What if all the queers from American Idol came out? Maybe Kelly Clarkson will be next.

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4 thoughts on “I’m shocked.

  1. HA AH AHA AHA AH AHAH! Are you sure he’s not lesbian?

  2. I thought that was a chick… sorry…

  3. He’s still repulsive.

  4. Kevin Croitz on said:

    I dont know I might be wrong but I kind of like it when people dont come out, there is an air of mystery about them, a sly wink and nod, like Paul Lynde used to do, its an inside thing, anything that confuses the holyrollers and prejudiced twits out there is just amusing to me, Kevin

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