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Faces of meth: Ryan’s mugshots

Look at the difference in actor Ryan O’ Neal‘s mugshots from 2007 and 2008. His arrest this week was for possession of meth. I don’t care how good an Academy Award-nominated actor you are, you can’t fake out meth face.

Ryan’s 2007 mugshot:

Ryan’s 2008 mugshot:

For a history of the whole O’Neal family’s arrests, go here.

In the words of the legendary MC Lyte, “Leave ‘dem drugs alone!”

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4 thoughts on “Faces of meth: Ryan’s mugshots

  1. Kevin Croitz on said:

    Its really a dispicable drug, one William S Burroughs probably wouldnt have approved of. I takes a vibrant young looking prson and turns then into a feeble shell of theselves, and its everywhere, and incredibly hard to root out. I hope these guys can clean themselves up and get help, but it dont look good for them, Kevin

  2. is one of the most terrifying things… I can’t believe this drug is still popular.

  3. Apparently he only owns 1 shirt.

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