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More members of the O’ Neal family busted for drugs

Tatum O’ Neal is not the only errant member of her tribe when it comes to drug problems. The Los Angeles Times reported today that her father Ryan O’ Neal and half-brother Redmond O’ Neal (Ryan’s child with Farrah Fawcett) were arrested together this morning for possession of meth.

I can’t even count how many arrests this family has had. Well, yes, I can. And I have!

Here are Ryan and Redmond’s new mugshots from this week’s arrest (click to enlarge):

Ryan, 67, looks similar, but more meth-ed out than the one from last year, when he was arrested for assaulting his other son, 43-year-old Griffin O’ Neal:

This is the third drug-related arrest for 23-year-old Redmond, the second this year. Here is his mugshot from January in which he kind of looks like Phyllis Diller, no?:

In 1986, Griffin was charged with manslaughter in the boating death of Frances Ford Coppola’s 16-year-old son Gian-Carlo. Griffin was on drugs while driving the boat.

Tatum was picked up for trying to buy crack cocaine in Manhattan over the summer.

Crack and meth! These are poor people drugs, y’all! Hollywood stars: they’re just like us!

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4 thoughts on “More members of the O’ Neal family busted for drugs

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  2. Can you please find some good news for me?
    Are there any new great discoveries in medicine or even a child who won a spelling be…or maybe…someone like me or you that wins the lottery…something…please…
    one tiny ray of hope!!!!

  3. Is Ryan actually wearing the same shirt for both mug shots?
    Does this mean he’s not even changing his clothes anymore?!

  4. emmettqaf on said:

    When I read the tramas about this family, one word comes to mind-the four letter word GENE. ideal for clinical trials. “o’neal meth & coke experiement”

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