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The Washington Post Q&A Chelsea Handler

The Washington Post‘s Book World had a fun online Q&A with Chelsea Handler yesterday. Chels is one of my favorite girls because her books make me laugh, her talk show makes me raise my eyebrows, and she generally keeps on keeping it real.

The Book World piece features questions from readers around the nation, so a lot of the queries are mundane, including at least one marriage proposal and an offer for a date.

Still, some of Chelsea’s answer are quippy and she’s her usual forthright self even when it comes to the Hollywood elite – if you call Lindsay Lohan and Jimmy Walker of television’s Good Times the Hollywood elite. She also rags on VP nominee Sarah Palin a few times.

Here are a few exchanges I liked:

Buffalo, NY: What was pageant life like around all the other pageant girls? I don’t see you as the typical pageant personality.

Chelsea Handler: I was obviously in distress as a 15 yr old with raging hormones. Pageantry is not something I look back on fondly. Although, I had a blast. They told me I need to lose 15 pounds.

Bethesda, MD: I loved your midget bowling segment which was on your show the other night. Did you have to sleep with Jimmy Walker to get him to the show? Dynomite!

Chelsea Handler: i sleep with jimmy walker every thursday just for s***s and giggles.

Arlington, VA: Hey Chelsea, love the show. Love Chuy‘s outfits – whoever does his wardrobe deserves a raise.

The current mess of a presidential campaign has me depressed. Will reading your book cheer me up?

Will reading your book with a bottle of Grey Goose cheer me up more?

Chelsea Handler: yes it will. and tonight on the show, we will be going off about the state of our country and that lunatic, sarah palin.

Working Girl, FL: Do you have any more respect for Lindsay Lohan now that she’s gone gay and has also spoken out against that nut Sarah Palin?

Any chance I can snag a date with your little nugget?

Chelsea Handler: i am a fan of lindsay lohan now that she is a full-on gay. i think it’s a great thing.

Do you watch Chelsea Lately? Have you read either of Chelsea’s books?

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6 thoughts on “The Washington Post Q&A Chelsea Handler

  1. I have seen Chelsea Lately once – I LOVE the Chelsea Handler show, though. I haven’t laughed so hard in a LONG time. I think she is amazing. I read her first book. I want to hang out with her at all times.

  2. What I want to know is where Chelsea buys her clothes!! She looks like she gets them from the Salvation Army!! With all of the money she has I would think she could show more class and wear decent outfits. I like her show but am embarresed for her by the way she dresses. She really looks cheap!! And maybe she could get someone to style her hair, some times it looks like she just got out of bed and just ran her fingers thru her hair. Chelsea, get some class, no more Salvation Army outfits please!!!!

  3. how could i go about having a one night stand with you chelsea?

  4. Hi Chelsea… are so funny…I think I’m the Black version of you. I really want to come to your show……Please have me…You are hilarious…you really crack me up, the facial expressions… go!!!!1

  5. Rune on said:

    Chelsea Handler? Let me just say that I’m with Ralph Garman in my esteem of her.

  6. Lindsay Lohan is ok:)

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