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Damien Hirst breaks art auction record

Freaky ass British artist Damien Hirst is not worrying about a boring thing like the stock market crash. Hirst broke records Monday when Sotheby’s auctioned his works for more then $127-million. And that’s only with 56 of the total 223 lots sold. (It’s still going on today).

It’s the most money ever earned at an auction dedicated to one artist. Hirst, 43, broke Pablo Picasso’s record of 88 works in 1993. Picasso’s pieces altogether sold for a paltry $20-million.

Hirst’s auction also marks the first time a major artist has sold a bulk of his own work directly, bypassing galleries that take a standard 50% commission. Hirst even named the auction – Beautiful Inside My Head Forever – as if it were a show

The top-selling piece Monday was Hirst’s Golden Calf, a real calf in a tank of formaldehyde, to which Hirst added 18-carat gold hoofs and horns and a gold disc on its head. It sold for $18-million.

Another highlight was The Kingdom, which is, essentially, a tiger shark in formaldehyde. (Price: nearly $17-million).

Hirst, known for his provocative pieces, is also the artist behind For The Love Of God, a platinum skull encrusted with more than 8,000 diamonds, which sold privately last year for almost $89-million.

What do you think? Is Hirst’s art worth all the dough he’s making on it?

I think he’s the most overrated, overhyped artist alive and he should split the money with the animals he exploits, like the cow and her calf that he split in two, gave a title to, and sold for millions.

I also can’t forget how, in 2002, on the eve of the anniversary of the 9-11 bombings, he compared the explosions to a work of art and said whomever planted the bombs “should be congratulated.”

Hirst tries too hard to be a provocateur, but his art feels sterile and gimmicky. I would never want to gaze as long at those tanks of dead animals as I would Picasso’s Guernica.


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2 thoughts on “Damien Hirst breaks art auction record

  1. Helen Hill on said:


  2. Kevin Croitz on said:

    This is why I love Japanese Landscape art, its more peaceful. This cat comes accross as an exploitative, stuck up shumck who delights in the suffering of others, and I wont be attending any of his shows, Kevin

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