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Intimate Sex Lives of Famous People

Good news! The Intimate Sex Lives of Famous People, originally published in 1981, has been updated to include juicy bits about contemporary people like Kurt Cobain and Princess Diana. I haven’t read the book but I did read this clever review by a British fella in the New Statesman.

Did you know F. Scott Fitzgerald had a foot fetish? Have you heard that Carole Lombard knitted a little sweater for hubby Clark Gable‘s member? Get this: James Joyce had a thing for underwear and walked around with a doll’s panties in his pocket.

There’s more smut about Ernest Hemingway, Somerset Maugham, Clara Bow, Aleister Crowley, and George Gershwin. (Now there’s a dinner party!)

Have you read the book? Care to share?

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One thought on “Intimate Sex Lives of Famous People

  1. I want to peruse it at the bookstore just to read about Gertie and Alice.

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