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Tonight: Sandra Bernhard

It’s been a whirlwind week so far for me and the Missus. Tonight we’re catching Sandra Bernhard‘s revival of her one-woman show Without You, I’m Nothing. I caught the show twice 20 years ago and I nearly fainted from laughter both times. I’ve seen Sandra several more times over the years and I was even lucky enough to interview her once.

Tonight marks my sixth Sandra show and the first for my girlfriend. I can’t wait. What are your thoughts on Sandra? Have you ever seen a show of hers?

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3 thoughts on “Tonight: Sandra Bernhard

  1. Right here in LA there is a warehouse where 20,000 fetuses are being stored. I don’t KNOW where they came from – I don’t WANT to know where they came from. But there are 20,000 souls that will not be permitted to enter the kingdom of heaven!

  2. Kevin Croitz on said:

    Never got to see her yet, she was hilarious on Will and Grace. The only comedians I’ve seen live were Lewis Black (I sat in the front row at a little comedy club in Raleigh, he was great), and the master George Carlin at Ruth Eckard Hall, he was great as well, but the hall was crammed full of people, would have been nice to see him in a smaller venue. I love going to comedy clubs, I’d like to catch more acts in the future, Kevin

  3. I’m totally jealous! The film adaptation of “Without You, I’m Nothing” is amazing. Can’t imagine what it would be like to see it live.

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