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Rihanna covers Madonna (and more songs about fashion)

At the recent Fashion Rocks concert in New York, R&B songstress Rihanna did a faithful rendition of Madonna‘s now classic “Vogue.” Take a look (and yes, unfortunately this was the best quality video I found):

In honor of fashion, and pop music, here is a list of more songs about fashion (and models):

* Duran Duran, Girls On Film
* David Bowie, Fashion
* Simple Minds, Up on the Catwalk
* RuPaul, Supermodel
* Juliana Hatfield , Supermodel
* Jill Sobule , Supermodel
* Kraftwerk, The Model
* Run-D.M.C., My Adidas
* Irving Berlin , Puttin’ On The Ritz
* Gwen Stefani, Harajuku Girls
* The Kinks, Dedicated Follower of Fashion

Got any more songs to add? Let’s hear ’em!

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4 thoughts on “Rihanna covers Madonna (and more songs about fashion)

  1. Supermodel Sandwich by Terence Trent D’Arby. It’s on the Pret-a-Porter soundtrack.

  2. Another Madonna? Dress You Up? Material Girl?

  3. Kevin Croitz on said:

    Creature from the Black Leather Lagoon, by the Cramps, or Blue Velvet, by Bobby Vinton

  4. Nice finding here… wasnt’ aware of that a blog on this topic existed, thanks

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