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Richard Prince’s ‘Nurses’ at the Goog

I just found out that Richard Prince‘s Nurse Paintings series has been at the Guggeinheim in New York for the last year. Damn. I’ve been to New York several times in the last few months and I have a friend who does installations at the Guggenheim and yet I didn’t know about this until five minutes ago.

Living outside of New York is just uncivilized.

If you’ve looked at the cover of Sonic Youth‘s Sonic Nurse album, you’ve seen at least one of Prince’s nurses:

The series was inspired by 59-year-old Prince’s vast collection of 1950’s and ’60s pulp fiction books about naughty nurses.
Here are a few more from the series:

I’ve been interested in Prince since discovering his bizarre Jokes (1986) series in which he painted texts of comedians’ bad jokes from stand-up routines. An example:

Have any of you seen these or any of Prince’s works in person? Are you a fan?

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One thought on “Richard Prince’s ‘Nurses’ at the Goog

  1. i have seen these!!! i was at a gallery in london this past summer and we went to his sho, which semed like a retrospective. i got to see the original Sonic Nurse cover/painting and a whole bunch of amazing stuff. he is great!!!

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