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I love Carrie Fisher

Tonight my lady friend and I saw Carrie Fisher‘s Wishful Drinking, her one-woman show chronicling her bizarre life, lineage, and battles with bipolarism and addiction.

It was so much fun. Carrie is so candid. She dished about her crazy parents (Eddie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds) and how her dad dumped her mom for Elizabeth Taylor. She also talked about her marriage to Paul Simon. I didn’t realize their relationship lasted for 12 years.

Carrie discussed sex and drugs, dropping F bombs left and right. It was sort of an entertainment subplot to watch all the blue haired ladies around me cackling at the smut.

At some point, she donned a Princess Leia wig and later, she recited her famous “Help me Obi Wan, I’m your only hope” monologue – you know, the one R2D2 projected for the others to see:

It was a great way to spend an evening. I wish she would write more shows and tour constantly.

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One thought on “I love Carrie Fisher

  1. When I was a little girl I thought that I was supposed to be an actress because I had the same first name as Princess Leia. Well…either an actress or a princess.

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