Gina Vivinetto’s Greatest Hits

More dolls from my youth

Farrah (look how gigantic the doll’s head is):

Her real-life ex-husband, the Six Million Dollar Man, Steve Austin (Lee Majors):

(Why would you leave Lee Majors for Ryan O’ Neal? Ryan didn’t even have a doll!)

Also: Lindsay Wagner as Jaime Sommers, the Bionic Woman:

Remember the Kristy McNichol doll?

How about Diana Ross?

A few years later, we got the Mr. T doll:

And if you had a Sly Stallone Rocky doll, you could make the two of them fight. Grrr:

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4 thoughts on “More dolls from my youth

  1. Oh, wow. I had SUCH crushes on Jaime Sommers (not Lindsay Wagner so much – and isn’t it a shame about the Sleep Number Bed commercials?), and – be still my heart – Kristy McNichol.

  2. My cousin used to have Barbie and her RV, and I used to send the RV over the cliff, aka the top of the stairs.

  3. Macho Fan on said:

    I had it and would plaza arc it through the electrical charge and chute it all the way across the vincent royard in the back settle of the vinyard. Man that sucker would fly. I did this and figured the exquasions into the plot and was able to ramp it up amacably over the coure of a few months. Got it up to several trezzons and ended up bypassing the vinyards all together.

    • Macho Fan on said:

      I forgot to mention it is teh Barbie RV that I am talking about. Boy goshio that thing would fly reigning over and infringing upon the horizons. I was something. Memories, memories, memories. With the plaza arc and electrical charge at the right marciprical you can make just about anything (within reason) fly like the wind. It passed at least 5 trezzons, thats the most i ever got it, even with the arc. The copoda would have also done that but I was too darnin afraid to even try that. Bye

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