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Stars With Shopping Carts

No theme this week, just famous people out buying their groceries. Ready?

Halle Berry and boytoy/baby daddy Gabriel Aubrey:

Charlize Theron:

Comedian Dave Chappelle and his family:

Julia Roberts (who brings her own bags):

Interestingly, “environmentalist” Hayden Panettierre does not bring her own bags:

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Cover of ‘The New Yorker’ this week:

Heather Locklear’s DUI

I have to say, I don’t expect much from celebrities and I can be pretty cynical when it comes to famous people. Even still, I was shocked when I heard America’s Sweetheart Heather Locklear was arrested Saturday on suspicion of D.U.I.

Heather, 47, has always had the world’s sympathy for putting up with this kind of nonsense from her ex-husbands. I once rode around in a limo with I Dream of Jeannie’s Barbara Eden, who had worked with Heather in the past, and she regaled me with horror stories about Tommy Lee coming on the set and being abusive.

So, naturally, I never suspected Heather herself was a pill popping freak. The gossip blogs are buzzing that Heather has had a two-decade long addiction to vicodin – to which I say, who doesn’t?? Heather recently did a stint in rehab but her people deny it was related to alcohol or drugs.

Only one thing will help me process all of this and that’s reviewing the mugshots:

Here’s Heather’s:

Here is ex-husband Richie Sambora‘s from his DUI arrest last year:

Here’s Tommy’s for his 1998 arrest on charges of domestic abuse because he got rough with then-wife Pamela Anderson:

and here is Tommy again for his 1999 arrest for instigating a race riot during a 1997 concert:

(For a full list of Tommy’s numerous arrests, go here.)

If I had to do superlatives, here’s how I would vote:

Heather Locklear, “Most Sad”
Richie Sambora, “Biggest Burnout”
Tommy Lee, 1998, “Hottest Mugshot”
Tommy Lee, 1999, “Worst Hair”

Your thoughts?

Remember the faux New Age book by Ben and Janeane?

Remember Feel This Book, the funny faux New Age book that Ben Stiller and Janeane Garofalo released in 1999?

I saw it recently in a used book store and chuckled to myself. It motivated me to search for and find my interview with both of them when they were promoting it. I think it was my first interview with a comedian – in this case, two at once. Later I would interview Margaret Cho, Kathy Griffin, Elvira Kurt, Lily Tomlin, and Sandra Bernhard.

I do love the funny folks. Comedians are my favorite people in the world. Who has done more for the planet, in your opinion, comedians or rock stars?

My answer is always Richard Pryor.

Black Kids review

Here is a link to my review of the Black Kids show at Black Cat in D.C.

On my way to Crafty Bastards

I’m heading over to the next neighborhood, Adams Morgan, to check out the cool stuff at Crafty Bastards. The last CB I went to was really fun and I saw a lot of cool trinkets and crafts. I bought some cool homemade plaques of Goofus and Gallant – remember them? from Highlights magazine? They taught you the difference between a nice boy and an ill-mannered jackass (click to enlarge):

I bet by the time Gallant was a senior in high school he got his ass kicked regularly. He was clearly gay.

I also bought a cool piece of art that had PBS painter Bob Ross‘s face on it.

The fair also features live music from local bands. Last time I caught a bit of The Cassettes steampunky set.

I hope I find some more hip, inexpensive stuff and hear new bands today!

Kim Gordon interview in ‘SF Guardian’

The San Francisco Guardian‘s ‘Noise’ blog has an interview with Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth.

Kim talks about her new art projects, what she likes on TV, and the different energy you get when working with other women, which she will be doing in her improv band with avant garde composer/harpist Zeena Parkins:

SFBG: What draws you to working with women?

KG: I think of the women I play with foremost by their personality. You immediately have a different role as well. Bass is usually more of a…supportive instrument, even though it may be the most important! [Laughs] But I’ll probably be playing guitar. I usually play guitar and do vocals when I do improv things. That immediately has a different kind of energy to it.

Kim lives with hubby Thurston Moore and their daughter Coco in Northampton, Ma., right near where I grew up. I’m going for a quick visit next month and the town is really small. Cross your fingers for me that I can casually bump into her and become best friends and start our own free noise band. I’ve been a fan of Kim’s for two decades.

True story: when I was a teenager I wrote a song about Kim and the band called “Sonic Thing or Two.”

Time for a list! 29 songs about actors and actresses

We haven’t done in a list in a while and life seems empty.

How about “29 Songs About Famous Actors and Actresses”? I’ll start:

Elton John, Candle In the Wind (Marilyn Monroe)
10cc, Somewhere In Hollywood (Marilyn Monroe)
Elton John, Roy Rogers
Gorillaz, Clint Eastwood
Nirvana, Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge On Seattle
Madness, Michael Caine
Serge Gainsbourg, Intitals B.B. (Brigitte Bardot)
Russell Crowe‘s band 30 Odd Foot of Grunts, Other Ways of Speaking (Jodie Foster)
James, Fred Astaire
Bertie Higgins, Key Largo (Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall, Ingrid Bergman)
Roxy Music, 2H.B. (Humphrey Bogart)
Lou Reed, City Lights, (Charlie Chaplin)
Lenny Kravitz, It Ain’t Over Til It’s Over, etc (Lisa Bonet)
Bree Sharp, David Duchovny
Woody Guthrie, Ingrid Bergman
The Eagles, James Dean
Sonic Youth, Madonna, Sean and Me (Madonna and Sean Penn)
R.E.M., Man on the Moon (Andy Kauffman)
Toto, Rosanna (Rosanna Arquette)
Bauhaus, Bela Lugosi’s Dead
Bananarama, Robert DeNiro’s Waiting
The Clash, The Right Profile (Montgomery Clift)
Nine Inch Nails, Starfuckers, Inc (Rose McGowan)
Matthew Sweet, Winona (Winona Ryder)
R.E.M., River (River Phoenix)
Natalie Merchant, River (River Phoenix)
Peter Murphy, Marlene Dietrich’s Favorite Poem
Kim Carnes, Bette Davis Eyes
Alanis Morissette, You Oughtta Know (Dave Coulier)

Now it’s your turn. Add more! Why stay at 29?

Paul Newman has died.

Paul Newman has died.

Loved him.

Did you have a favorite picture of Paul’s?

My interview with Peter Tork (from eight years ago)

I was talking about The Monkees recently and of course my favorite has always been the adorable and nutty Peter Tork. I had interviewed him eight years ago so I went searching the internets to see if I could dig up a copy of the piece I wrote. Sometimes I can find old interviews, but too often I can’t. (Where is my great profile of prickly L.L. Cool J? What an awful interview that was!)

Anyway, I found the Peter Tork piece.

He was a lot of fun to talk to (and to later meet backstage.)

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