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It was 88 years ago this week

The 19th amendment giving women in the United States the right to vote was ratified 88 years ago this week. Some smart, tough ladies fought long and hard to get the amendment passed.

When you think about how it’s taken nearly nine decades to have a female nominee finally taken seriously in the race for president, you realize the work of the suffragettes is not over. Let’s honor the memory and carry on in the spirit of:
Susan B. Anthony:

Elizabeth Cady Stanton:

Alice Paul:

And all the brave women in 1848 who were at the historic Seneca Falls Convention, the first women’s rights convention in the United States. I salute you and I thank you.

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One thought on “It was 88 years ago this week

  1. It freaks me out to think that we haven’t even had the right to vote for a century yet!

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