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Barbie and boob jobs

I blogged about this art project several weeks ago at, but I think about it a lot and think most of you would find it interesting as well.

Here’s the short version: Artist Chris Jordan has a numbers project where he collects data on depressing trends in American culture. Then he creates works of art about the trend using the correlating numbers.

For his piece on boob jobs in America, he photographed 32,000 Barbie dolls sculpted to look like a set of perfect breast. That’s the number of boob jobs each month – yes, month – in our country.
Here’s the art from a distance:

Now, a close-up:

Why did Jordan pick a Barbie doll to illustrate his message? Oh, I think you can figure that out. Is there anything more desirable in our culture than a tall, tiny-waisted, big boobed blond? No matter what it takes to look like one? If you want the slightly ranty details about boob jobs in America, click on my AE blog post. I can’t bear to talk about it again.

Feel free to leave your insights or opinions about breast augmentation in the comments.

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2 thoughts on “Barbie and boob jobs

  1. wiggles on said:

    I don’t know if I’d blame Barbie for boob jobs. She’d been around a good long time before implants became popular. And (disastrous) attempts at surgical breast augmentation have been around since the late 19th century. Also, Barbie’s breasts really aren’t all that huge. The old models look like she’s about a C. Recently, she’s gone down to what looks like a B. It’s her ridiculously small waist that makes her breasts look so big. Also, poor girl has no butt.
    Body image issues aside, I think Barbie gets a bad rap. I could do without all the pink and the princess themes, but she’s been one of the very few places girls could look to where a female character was central. Not peripheral. Not a tag-along or an obstacle or a prize to be won by the male hero. And check it out – she was already all set to go to the moon in 1965
    I mean, seriously. That’s pretty damn cool.

  2. i have to say that this blog is quite litrelally given me the impression that whover wrote it is a stuck up, proberably fat-disfigured woman, with sharp views on such a nice doll. barbie ispires girls more than most women do, like having so many jobs, achieving lots. dont take it out on barbie just because you werent born with her looks, cheer up and stop wasting your time complaining about a doll. for christs sakes. it is in fact an intresting peice of art, but why read into it so much by putting women who get boob jobs in such a bad light! who cares if they want to get a boobjob, YOU DONT HAVE TO PAY FOR IT, AND SURE AS HELL DONT HAVE TO LOOK AT THERE BOOBS! please i beg u . GET A LIFE!!!!!!!

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