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Cy Twombly

Just taking a minute to celebrate the work of American painter Cy Twombly who turned 80 in April. Along with Andy Warhol, Sol LeWitt, Donald Judd and Yves Klein, Twombly was born in 1928 and yet, he’s the only one still with us.
The Tate Modern in London has a retrospective of his work right now including this one, The Four Seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter. 1993-94.

Interestingly, a year ago in France, an artist was arresting for kissing one of Twombly’s works – which sell for millions of dollars – and leaving a lipstick smudge on it. The woman, who is still awaiting prosecution, told authorities she was compelled by beauty:

“It was just a kiss, a loving gesture. I kissed it without thinking; I thought the artist would understand… It was an artistic act provoked by the power of Art”

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2 thoughts on “Cy Twombly

  1. sometimes I want so much to do the same

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